Relieve your gut issues with a digestive-health dietitian.

Expertise in IBS and the Low FODMAP Diet, helping those with
digestive issues to get their gut health under control and enjoy life!

IBS Recipes & Resources

Visit our recipes page for delicious and healthy recipes,
appropriate for the low FODMAP diet and food intolerances.

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Dealing with debilitating digestive issues?

Wanting to feel well but struggling to understand what you can eat?


Work with a dietitian to receive individualised, expert nutrition advice tailored to your needs.


We work with adult and teenage clients.




Our nutrition & dietetics clinic is based in Ringwood, yet we also provide online Telehealth appointments across Melbourne, other areas of Australia and internationally.

Here to help you improve gut health, manage IBS, and find relief from bloating, stomach pain and uncomfortable digestive issues.

We can help you with...

Get your gut symptoms under control today!

Receive Expert Advice from a Digestive Health Dietitian

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