Atlanta Miall, APD, AN, AccSD, BND (Hons)

Atlanta is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and accredited sports dietitian. Atlanta completed her Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at Monash University, the world’s leading FODMAP research University. After her Bachelor Degree she embarked on her post graduate journey, leading an innovative research project investigating the research question β€˜Does gut-training reduce gastrointestinal symptoms and carbohydrate malabsorption during endurance running in thermoneutral environmental conditions?’ Essentially this research set out to determine whether gastrointestinal symptoms and carbohydrate malabsorption could be reduced in endurance athletes by training the gut to cope with a substantial carbohydrate load.Having personally suffered from IBS issues, Atlanta has a great appreciation for tough patient journeys and understands the pivotal role that breath testing and the low FODMAP diet play in intolerance/malabsorption diagnosis, consequent treatment and improvement in quality of life.

Having acquired a breadth of experience whilst aiding in novel research, coupled with knowledge gained from her degrees and work in private practice and the Victorian Football League (VFL) she has quality experience across a variety of clinical and sporting dietetics areas including: the low FODMAP diet, coeliac disease, diverticular disease, weight loss, cardio-vascular disease, diabetes and sports performance. Check out our blog – FODMAPdietetics for low FODMAP recipes along with up-to date and evidenced based information surrounding FODMAPs.

Shaynie Ashkenazi

Shaynie Ashkenazi works as the Business Development and Marketing Manager at FODMAP Friendly. She is an Associate Nutritionist, with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biochemistry & Physiology, a Master of Human Nutrition, and is currently completing a Master of Dietetic Practice.

Shaynie has clinical experience in medical nutrition therapy for IBS, oncology, renal disease, geriatrics, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and pancreatitis. While Shaynie has enjoyed her clinical practise, she is truly passionate about community & public health nutrition education and support for those suffering from IBS. This is reflected in her extensive consultative integrative nutrition pharmacy-based sales experience in the area of gut health.

Shaynie is well-equipped to educate patients about the role nutrition plays in gut health. In the pharmacy setting, Shaynie has presented customers with information sessions for dietary management of IBS with the low-FODMAP diet, and the common gastrointestinal symptoms affecting the community. Her focus has largely been on dietary triggers for IBS and food sources of FODMAPS, with some focus also on the types of products customers may use to help remedy their symptoms. Shaynie is therefore very knowledgeable in both clinical integrative medical nutrition therapy, and in community & public gut health nutrition education.