Eating Low FODMAP in Bali

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while I have been away in beautiful Bali for 2 weeks.

 I started off in the Gili Islands


and then moved to mainland Seminyak.


This was my fourth time to Bali as it is such an easy and relatively inexpensive getaway spot from Australia.

 During my holiday I ate a lot of good food! The quality and variety of food options is amazing and has improved greatly over the years.  I do not follow a strict low FODMAP diet as I have now worked out my individual tolerance levels but I noticed that there were many low FODMAP options available. Now of course the menus didn’t state low FODMAP on them, but from my knowledge of FODMAPs I was able to discover numerous low FODMAP choices.

Here are some of the Low FODMAP options I was able to choose from when in Bali.


All my breakfast were buffet style at the hotels I was staying at, making it super easy for someone on a low FODMAP restricted diet to choose appropriate food options.  Here are some of my choices

  1. Egg white omelette with herbs, green salad and toasted sourdough (I tolerate sourdough well but if you don’t there was also gluten free bread varieties available).omelette22
  2. Smashed avocado with poached eggs and feta on toasted sourdough (the avocado may be an issue for you but a ¼-1/2 of an avocado should be tolerable).
  3. Greek yoghurt with berries and a dash of soy milk.


  1. Spanish omelette with tomato, herbs, potato and spicy sausage (the sausage may be moderate FODMAP as it may contain wheat. Also if you are sensitive to chili or spice it is best to avoid particularly during the elimination phase of the diet).


  1. Pulled Pork Taco with avocado and lime in a corn tortilla accompanied by a vodka mojito (rum, the spirit which mojito’s are typically made with is high FODMAP so by changing it to vodka you have a low FODMAP beverage).
    I had this delicious meal at a super fun spot in Seminyak called Motel Mexicola. Definitely worth checking out if you are in the area.
  2. Grilled Snapper with an almond crumb and roasted capsicum sauce. There also was an asparagus spear with this dish which is moderately high (1 spear) in fructose which I can tolerate but others may not. I also ate some delicious roast potatoes with this meal!

This meal was eaten at La Lucciola, a beautiful Italian restaurant on the beach front of Seminyak.  I highly recommend it!

Overall, most restaurants were more than happy to accommodate dietary requirements. An easy way to build a low FODMAP meal when eating out is to choose a plain piece of grilled meat and then order some low FODMAP sides like rice and a low FODMAP vegetable or two i.e. broccoli and carrot and request no onion or garlic.


I hope this shows you how you don’t have to be overly restricted when on a Low FODMAP Diet, even during the elimination phase in a foreign country.

Until next time,

I am Atlanta Miall (APD),

Good Eating!

Eating Low FODMAP in Bali
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