Summer is well and truly here! I love it! I love the heat, the beach, cocktails, salads, and the tennis, I love it all haha. Can you tell that I am a summer enthusiast?

Another thing I enjoy about summer is ice-cream, gelato and popsicles! Unfortunately, for the FODMAPers out there, there are not always Low FODMAP options. Although, have you tried Peters Lactose Free Ice-cream? It is next level on deliciousness! I suggest you give it a whirl if you are as much of an ice-cream aficionado as I am.  Any who,  at school I used to love buying a Barney Banana Ice-cream on a hot day but sadly the Barney Banana is no longer so I had to make up my own recipe. I have created a delicious and creamy Lactose Free Barney Banana Yoghurt Ice-cream recipe that you are bound to love! The recipe makes 6 popsicles or 500ml of ice-cream and is super easy to make plus you only need a few simple ingredients.


Lactose Free Barney Banana Yoghurt Ice-cream


3 x small container (420ml) Liddel’s Plain Lactose Free Yoghurt

2 medium frozen banana’s or 1 large

1 tbs maple syrup

0.5 tsp cinnamon

6 popsicle stick holders OR 6 Gluten free ice cream cones



  1. Blend ingredients in a blender then distribute evenly in popsicle stick tray and place in the freezer until firm.
  2. Once firm they are ready to eat! Enjoy!


  1. Place ice-cream mixture in a 500ml tray or container and freeze for an hour then take out and blend again and freeze until firm (this extra blending process will make it super creamy. You can even blend it again to make it extra creamy!)
  2. Once firm place a scoop of ice cream into a gluten free ice-cream cone or bowl if preferred. I like to also sprinkle a little extra cinnamon on top. Then Enjoy!

Not sure where to buy gluten free ice-cream cones? Check out the Gluten Free Online Shop

I hope you enjoy this delicious Banana Yoghurt Ice-cream as much as I do!!


Until Next Time,

I am Atlanta Miall,

Good Eating!

Lactose Free Barney Banana Yoghurt Ice-cream
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