Last week FODMAP Nutrition & Dietetics posted a video on our Facebook page showing you all of the FODMAP Friendly products that you can find on your local supermarket shelves.


This video came about after many of my private practice patients, who are following a low FODMAP diet, indicated to me that they find it difficult to find packaged foods which are low in FODMAPs. Even if they know what high FODMAP ingredients to look out for in an ingredients list they simply don’t have the time to decipher every list on every packaged food. Therefore, I wanted to show everyone out there who is following a low FODMAP diet all of the delicious FODMAP Friendly certified foods that you can find on your local supermarket shelves.

So let’s go shopping! You can view the video version by clicking on the Facebook link above.

Step 1. Go to the health food aisle in your local Coles or Woolworths. This is where the majority of your FODMAP Friendly Products will be found. If you don’t know where to find this aisle, simply ask a staff member and they should be able to help you.

Step 2. Look for the green FODMAP Friendly logo (pictured). FODMAP Friendly is the only registered certification trademark worldwide certifying FODMAP levels in packaged food. So if you see this logo on a food product you know that it has been tested in a laboratory to determine its FODMAP levels, and has been deemed safe to consume as part of a diet low in FODMAPs.


Step 3. Go searching for certified products.

Whilst I was shopping I firstly stumbled upon a great range of FODMAP Friendly certified cereals including Kez’s and Food for Health. Both these brands have a couple of certified cereals, which have great tasty flavours and a great crunch, an excellent way to start your day. The FODMAP Friendly logo may not always be on the front of the packaging like it is on the Kez’s cereal box, but may be on the side like the Food for Health cereal, so remember to look around the packaging for the logo.


Next down the aisle I stumbled upon the baking section. Well and Good have a fabulous range of baking products including a variety of flours, cupcake and cake mixes so that you never have to miss out on that birthday cake again!

Well and good gluten free self raising flour

After the baking goods came the FODMAPPED For You range of products. As the name suggests all FODMAPPED for You products are FODMAP Friendly certified. They supply a great range of soups, sauces, and stocks. The red wine and roasted vegetable pasta sauces are great to use on gluten free pasta or even slow cooked meats! The lamb and vegetable and pumpkin soups are super convenient for lunch or dinner options, perfect to warm you up on these chilly winter days.



For snack time there are many FODMAP Friendly options!

 Mamee have some crunchy FODMAP Friendly rice sticks available in vegetable or cheese flavour, a great snack for your child’s or a grown up lunch box! Mamee also have some super tasty rice chips which come in sour cream and chives and smoky bbq flavours, the perfect snack to take to a friends house for a party.


If you are a fan of some crispbread with your afternoon tea then you may want to grab some Simply Wize Almond crispbread. I love dunking these in my tea!  The simply-wize deli wafers are for those with more of a savoury palate, a great contribution to an anti-pasto platter. Nicely complimenting some Lewis + Sons charcuterie or some low FODMAP cheese.


Food for health have also developed a FODMAP Friendly fruit free muesli bar with almonds and chia, a scrumptious option for when you need a snack or breakfast on the go.

Or if you are a sweet tooth you may want to buy some Kez’s FODMAP FRIENDLY biscuits including: yoyo’s, vienna ecalirs or almond florentine’s . These biscuits are the perfect addition to your afternoon tea or coffee or that 3pm slump.


Another great snack are the Golden Days sesame snaps which also now have a yoghurt topped flavour. These snaps are perfect to keep in your bag or car for whenever you get the munchies throughout the day.goldendaysLove the flavours that garlic and onion bring to your cooking but don’t want the uncomfortable tummy troubles that result when you eat them? Cobram Estate have resolved this issue by developing garlic infused and roasted onion infused olive oils. Excellent to add some flavour to you meals including: salad dressings, bbq’d meat, pasta, rice dishes and more.

RoastedOnionPic1 (3)

Our last stop is the bread aisle, where we can find a variety of FODMAP Friendly breads from Alpine Breads including: spelt + sprouted grains, Tuscan sourdough, sour rye sourdough and many more. These are great to make sandwiches for lunch or toast for breakfast and also freeze extremely well.

Alpine bread spelt and sprouted grains

So you can see there is a large variety of delicious FODMAP Friendly certified foods you can buy in your local supermarket without having to spend hours in the supermarket deciphering ingredients lists.

So do yourself and tummy a favour and look out for the FODMAP FRIENDLY logo so that you can eat with confidence.

Until next time I am Atlanta Miall, good eating!!

Shopping for FODMAP Friendly Foods in your local Supermarket
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